Monday, February 13, 2012

a sweeet sweeet dream from swh... :D

i wasn't actually hoping for valentine's day tmr until he appeared on my dream. haha. for people who've been coming this blog and to read every single post should've known that even though he'a here , and we're together, i've been celebrating valentine's day alone as he's off at work. so, it makes no difference for me to continue celebrating alone and treating it like any other normal days. :)

so, i went back home last night after my work and head to sleep about 4 plus or 5 plus during midnight. then, i had this horrible dream about accident and woke up in the morning. this accident was just, me and my friend witnessed another car having accident as they were racing. then the car flew out , the person flew out, died on the spot and when the body parts of the car flew out, it hit me and i used my left hand to cover and my left big thumb also flew off. zzzz.

okay, so scared the shit of me and woke up then back to sleep. after getting back to sleep , he appeared !!! :D the dream goes like this....

don't know for what reason, he asked for a meetup. and of course , i still love him and have feelings for him and can't wait to see him, i said yesss. so we went to the atm to settle some stuffs. i think he borrow money from me again or don't know what lah. then , don't know why, weirdly, the atm goes something like, can put names de.

so in that dream, when we were together , he used to put swhlgkx which means soh wei hao love goh kai xian. THEN , in the dream now when we're not together anymore, he put swhhgkx. so i was blur when i saw h. why h? i kept thinking. and then i thought, okay. so now he hates me. so why still wanna meet me? i cried.

he hugged me , tried to hoax me but i pushed him away. it's too much for me to take. so now he hates me.... i was thinking whether is it that he hates me cause i caused his life to be this way after the accident. in the dream we were not together is always cause of this accident. he hates me for ruining his life. he hates me for making him now. he hates me for everything.

so in the dream, he was working at one of the furniture store at bishan. so when i was emo-ing, i just nice sat beside his furniture store stall. i didn't notice until i was about to left and saw him. i panicked , and quickly left, leaving my whole bag behind. -.- i think he saw and noticed and took my bag and gave chase.

okay, sounds very drama now. like i purposely left my bag there but is dream mah , i also cannot control right? haha.

then he pulled my arm, as usual, to stopped me from leaving. he hugged me again and keeps explaining. i disn't wanna talk about it again as usual and he kept explaining. i only cried when he starts to say, "actually... i miss u a lot too."

tears burst out and i couldn't stop crying. why? why u miss me and yet u do these things? why ignore me when u miss me? why treat me so harsh when u miss me? why can't we be together when we both love one another? sigh ~ i kept crying, infront of him.

he hugged me tight and continued talking while i continue crying. he said something like , he became like that, no more money already, he's afraid of being a burden to me , cause he lost his job due to the accident. he wanted to gave me a good life and not a poor life if i continue being with him.

so i said , so all along u think i'm together with u cause of ur money!? all along u think is cause that u're rich so that i'm with u? i asked him back, go and think of it, since when did i ever asked u to spend a lot on me? yesss , we dis go oversea, u did buy alot for me. but all these i did told u before , it not neccessary. i did not asked for any brandeds when i'm with u. i just want a simple good life with u. i just want to be with u. don't have money, is okay. i can work and lessen the burden with u. what matters most is i'm being with u. and hoped that u've changed, just don't gamble and don't ... ... again and anymore. shall not be disclosed here cause it's a matter between the both of us. :)

then he says something like that's why i chose to leave u, ignore u for a period of time to see if the feelings fade and that u'd forget me, forget one another. and then fascinatingly, he starts talking about the past relationship and flings i had when he was not with me. when i woke up, i gasp. means he's actually kinda affected. haha.

i said , i tried moving on, to forget u, to make sure i find someone bette than u, for not hurting me like u did. for loving me like how u did. but i can't... i only found one, i did told him who's the one in the dream but shall not be disclose here. hahahahahhaha. but things don't work out as what i think. if u're back to me , i'm willing to give up anything. everything, if only u're willing to be back. we hugged and we cried together.

so, that's the end of the dream. guess we still got continue go out date like couple couple nah. hold hand everything. but just the hugging him and talking so much to him is satisfied already. if only... it could be real. okay, i'm starting to get greedy already. haha. but, i just miss him. :(

okay, finish blogging bout my dream already. gonna head down to visit u tmr and give u a small small little surprise. shall update again tmr about the surprise i gave him. :D

till then.... bye bye ~ stay tuned. :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Belated Mother's Day...

Okay, i know i'm very very very late to wish people Happy Mother's Day now and to blog about it.
But i so long didn't on the computer to online already. :(

Okay, anyway, let's talk about how we celebrated our Mother's Day tgt
with her mummy. :)

We went to Wild wild wet first in the morning. Cause the both of us
make it a point to be healthy and to go for a swim every Sunday if he happens to be
in Singapore.

I sacrifice a lot okay. For people who knows me, I love to swim a lot but i always
refrain myself from going because i'm already very tan and i don't
want to be anymore tan. :(

But ~because of him~ , hahahahahahahahaha. no lah, is he say he won't
"xian qi" me if i'm any darker, so we decide to go for a healthy lifestyle and swimming! :D

Okay, i know wild wild wet is more of playing with water and not what healthy lifestyle
swimming, but before we go to wild wild wet, we already went to the pool to swim twice already
and he wanted to try something new instead of just swimming so he suggested wild wild wet.

Okay, actually before we went to wild wild wet few days ago, we had a tiff.
and for people who knows me, i'm very childish, short temper and attitude problem
and whatever so everytime we quarrel, i will mention the word break.

THEN, omg ! he really ignored me and went off to find his friends and don't wanna pick up my calls or reply my msgs.
So i emo, make a scene, cry, and wait for him at his house downstair and left a msg to him saying,

"if i don't see you coming home by 6am, i'm leaving. if you really think we should not
be together , and this is the end, continue not to reply or pick up my calls. if you wanna be harsh, be harsh all the way. please be heartless this time so that it's easier for me to leave and put down everything."

erhem, i know i'm the one who mention for a break-up and i sent him this msg
like weird lah. But that time i was angry what. then i regret. :(
BUT AH , i tell you, it works !
he replied my msg after that and then he came home. :D

lalalalalalalalala ~
victory is still mine. :p

then after that we went to ecp as usual, our hot spot during midnight and
to catch the bear and accumulate our jackpots and we won a nintendo ds lite
that night ! (Y)
And i told him i wanted it,
he gave it to me but mouth keep saying it was his.
eeeeeee ~

So we were considered as "okay" after that.
Oh, and he saw Mr. D replied my msg. Cause i'm a bitch lah okay,
i'm sad and i thought really going to be over, so i msg Mr. D first
so i was tgt with him already then Mr.D reply
but he was not angry lehhhh.
Such a miracle. Hahahahahahahahahahaha.

I already feel weird for him not being angry already but i THOUGHT
he was being nice, like we just reconcile so he don't want to quarrel again.
I thought it was like that. but it was not.
I think i'm a bit naive too ah.
Hurhurhur ~

So we went to wild wild wet and play and enjoy ourself lah.
We played and scream tgt and laugh and run and walk and
anything you can think of.
So, after playing for a few hours, we got tired and it was about time
for dinner with his family,
we decided to just wash ourself with water only
then head to his place to change then for dinner.

So, we went to the locker to get our bags.
AND WEIRDLY, after taking out bags, the first thing he wanted to check was his phone.
NORMALLY, i don't have any reactions and i will just pass it to him.
BUT THAT DAY, don't know is my 6th sense or what lah, i just find it weird and say,

"eh, why? why so anxious about your phone? waiting for who's msg?"
he reply, "no lah, siao ah. wait for who msg sia? see who call mah."
i reply, " really meh? like that we see together loh."

So, we stood outside the male's changing room and check his phone.
then he act until super normal, like nothing happen like that.
Super funny.
Then there's a msg and i say see that msg.
He open, I saw him saving that girl's name and continue reading the msg.

The first thing on my mind was.....
Why on earth did he saved the girl's name.

Okay, cause firstly....
we just bought the blackberry couple phone and he was checking on his bb phone.

he don't save numbers on that phone want. all is just number number and i kept
asking him is who is who and asked him to save, he just won't or plain lazy i don't know.
So , i don't care also.

So, i feel super super super weird and then continue to read the msg.....
(the girl's name shall not be disclose though i still remember very clearly the name. How'd i ever forget her!? hahahahahahahaha)

the msg was sth like,
"where are you? my head is spinning and i'm so giddy."

I was like, wth is this bitch doing and why send this kind of msg.
So, i asked him, "Who is this girl"

He reply, "friend."
i said, "ya, friend. friend send this kind of msg mah."

so i called that girl.
i don't know what's gotten into me but i was so angry and rash that time that i called and asked.

me, "who are you."
her, "saying her name and who are you?"
me, "weihao's gf. why you send that kind of msg to him?"
her, "we're friends what. why friends cannot sms?"
me, "yaaaa, friends. friends will say head spinning?"
her, "don't be paranoid leh ! blah blah blah blah blah ~"


I super super angry and then i going to cry already and i threw his phone to him saying, "you better asked that girl to come out and talk things out if not you gonna get it from me."

I also don't know why i will say these kind of things and i also don't know what i gonna give him, what get it from me. -.-
i just knew i was going crazy already.

So, i went into the changing room, squat down and cried and while crying, i was thinking to myself,
"eh, what if i crying crying here, then he at there call that girl and then say don't know what stuffs to her how?"

so , i faster dry my tears, change and then get out.
luckily he was outside, then i act angry, walk out and then left him
so as usual, he chased after me.

then on the way, i knocked until several people angrily.
and he apologised for me. hahahahahahaha, super funny.

then after that, he stopped me and we talked for awhile.
I was so angry and i said, "i'm going home. i'm not going for the dinner.
you asked that girl to go with you lah. her head spinning what, she very giddy,
want to die already. i'm totally fine, i'm not giddy, my head not spinning,
you don't have to take care of me, just go and find her lah. Bitch."

then he say "i really nothing on with her and i don't know why she'll send this kind of msg.
if you really not happy with her, i can ask her out. she made us quarrel, if you super don't like her, i can even beat her for you to see."

so i said, " you don't just say for the sake of saying lah. you won't fucking do it lah. "

but i scared he really will do it and i don't want me to be like a bitch so in the end, i stopped him and we just talk loh.

so in the end, the conclusion is, we quarrel that night and he also thought
is over already so he went to meet his friends and got her number from Qin wei.

Angry, but i nothing to say, so i say, "whatever it is, i just wanna go home"

then his phone rang and then we went to eat dinner with his family in the end. -.-
he said he would leave me alone in the car and won't talk to me but still.....
but i ignore him all the way lah.

I ignore him all the way until dinner was over.
i don't wanna make it like i'm pulling a black face for his family.
So i got smile and talk to his mummy, daddy and brother but i just
ignore him.
even he talks to me, i also ignore only.
okay, i feel guilty now. :(

then after that, we all went back to his place and he told his family say
he sending me back.

so we went to one ulu ulu place nearby his house and we sat there and talk.

he said to leave me alone and asked me to cool down and think about it.
So i got angry and say, " no wonder Mr. D msg me last night you also kept quiet cause you ownself also msg girl. You're such a asshole."

he kept quiet for awhile and just say, "i'll just leave you alone. Cool down and think seriously."

So, i cry and cry and cry.
then he came back and say, "okay already?"
i say , "NO" and looked away.

he say, okay come, i show you sth and help you cool down.
So, there's this balloon where we used to play when we were younger.
those kind use straw and blow want?
very easy burst that kind?

So he blew and say he wanted to show me magic.
So he put his two palms in between the balloon and burst it.
and so his palms are like together now.
so he asked me, "you know what we would normally pray for when we go *bai bai*"

So i said, "healthy, prosperity, wealth, blah blah blah ~"

And so he said, " you wanna know what i wish for?"

he open his left palm and it was......
"please forgive me"

and another one on his right palm was......
"i love you"

wow wow wow ~
this totally melts my heart so i continue crying and he pulls me towards him and hug together.
and then very drama lah, we cry together.

i once asked him, "have you ever cried for me before? how come i don't see you shedding tears for me whenever we quarrel?"

and that day, we hugged together and cried.
and he told me, " see, now i'm crying for you. i did cried for you but i don't show it infront of you but today they way you treated me, i really feel very sad. can you don't ever do that to me again?"

omg, cry more and i hit his chest and jokingly said, who ask you to msg girl. see you dare msg girls next time or not loh.

then he reply, " who ask you to say break with me. see next time still dare say break or not. "

so in the end , it became my fault. hahahahahahahaha.
but it's okay, it was so damn sweet and that scenario is always on my mind.
so we went back to his place and bathe cause we just realise, we haven't bathe and sleeeeep ! :D

and so i asked him at the end of the day, "what did you used to draw on your hand."

he just look at me deeply.

i said, "don't tell me it's my eyeliner ! -.- "

and he laugh out loud.

i said, " omg, you damn erxin leh ! i still need to use and draw on my face want okay ! later you go da bian never wash hand"

and we just laugh it off. that was our very very memorable mother's day. How about yours?

Okay, now i'm feeling a bit sour already. I'm going to bathe and eat my dinner
and prepare for work already. hope you people enjoy reading.
i really really miss you swh baby. <3

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our Trip To Swissotel For Our 2nd Monthsary...

Okay, I know I've blogged about this already. But I found the photos !

I know friends who're at our fb page, or who are friends of mine
or his already saw the photos, but some may not be friends
at our fb?
And I wanna save the photos at a lot of places,
so that when these photos goes missing again,
I can find lots of place to save it again. :D

It's gonna be the most most most memorable photos okay.
Cause I won't be taking anymore photos ever again with him. :(

So, I'm just gonna blog about the photos and short
descriptions. I just don't wanna leave this blog empty for long.
I wanna blog as much as I can, when I'm free. :D
Okay, peeeek churesssss ~

72 storey nehhh ! excited ! Muahahahahaha. :D

Saw a nice, sports convertible car nearby and his nonsense
came again. Omg, Missssss himmmm ! :(
See the lift, 1-4 then straight jump to 69.
Scared those short people cannot press until. Hahahahahahaha.
Just kidding. I also don't know why like that.
And it's said to be 72nd storeys. But we only saw the highest is 70th so
we just go the highest. LOL.

While waiting for the food, we got sooo bored and camwhore.
Luckily, seriously, I'm someone who love to snaps around.
If not, I think there will be little photos to see already. D:

And because of the "fake" candle I'm holding above,
see what he's doing below. Hahahahhahahahaha !

He trying to act as if it was his birthday and it was the candle
on his birthday cake when it was on the table. -.-
lame right him? omg omg omg.

Aiyo, the flash too bright ah. D:

If you ever notice, all the above pictures of him, is
never him holding the camera. It was always meeeee
who is forcing him to take pictures. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
And now, I'm so proud of myself. :p

Okay, here comes the fooooood ~ :D
This drink is not cheap want lohhhh ~ :(

His favourite, but not mine !!! :x

Okay, see my fuck face, you already can see I don't
really like to eat. Hahahahahahahahaha.

I asked him to act as if he eat ah, was the nicest food
he's ever eat. you know, like those actor/actress introducing food
like that, but it turned out this way. -.-
Like very xinku he eat until. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

But he's still loving it !
You seeeeeee ~
He simply couldn't stop !

Me : ehhhhh , nice meh? I try one.
*after trying it....*
*face change*
Him : nice nice nice?
Me : ermmmm, okay lah. But i don't really like it leh.
Him : wah , heng ahhhh , like that i can eat more !
me : -.- nabei ! Cannot sia ! Like that I wanna eat more !!!!
him : you want, you eat loh.
*nothing to say. he really knows me inside out. LOL.*
* "ghin" him and continue watching him eat and wait for our main course*

And here it is our main course ! :D
His all time favourite, DUCK !

And mine is my all time favourite, CHICKEN !

me : wahhhh, yours so small, but more expensive than mine leh.
him : ya loh, confirm later still hungry want.
me : eh, a bit waste money leh. Next time don't go expensive place eat already lah,
their portion so little then eat already also not full want leh.
*his turn to "ghin" me*
Silence ~
Cause he's those kind who would splurge on food ! -.-

Quite nice lah ah the scenary. :)

Ask the waiter to help us take. No wonder he's a waiter.
Omg, no skills taking photo neh.
Make us look so short and fat.
Okay lah, we're short and I'm fat lah. But, whatever ~
But sometimes the angle can make ppl look tall and skinny de mah.
And hors, I know I very troublesome.
Cause I want us to look tall and skinny but at the same
time I want the scenary as background also.
Tskkkk ~

Actually we see the photo already not very satisfied,
but we both don't dare to call the person take again cause paiseh lah.
people busy leh and then we keep asking to take. :x
so we kept queit, and left and went to KL's birthday after that ! :D

That's all. Stay tuned. :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

So will guys be considered as a "virgin" if they never had sex before like how we girls do?

So will guys be considered as a "virgin" if they never had sex before like how we girls do?

Answer here

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Happy Valentine's Day.....

This is the flower he gave me first during 2009's Valentine's Day. :)
It must have cost a bomb to buy flowers on Valentine's Day.
It has 12 stalks. And what does 12 stalks of flowers mean?
Anybody knows? o.o?

Okay, anyway, I was working my day away during
Valentine's that year as I just
broke up with Mr. D and I'm not with Weihao yet and he's at work also.
So, I thought it might just be like any other day and so, I slog my way off
on that very particular day. :)

So , while I was working that day, Mr mysterious man, Shunde, as usual,
pops up at my goreng pisang stall and hand me the flowers. :D

I was happy and then his msg came. :D

Oh , and the funny thing about it was, there was a card written on it.
And you know, Weihao called Shunde to order the flowers and at that time,
Shunde didn't really know me well and he wrote the wrong name
on the card.

It was atrocious ! Hahahahahahahahha. Sth like, to KANNY, from WEIHAO.
KANNY ! Oh dear ! Hahahahahahahahaha.

Anyway , I was happy like fuck.
But as you know, I got this freaking strong ego in me,
very strong ego,
so I thank him in the msg only and never really showed that I was fucking

Oh , and you know what, he's the second guy who gave me flowers.
Okay, first is Mr. D but I was together with Mr. D so it's different.
I wasn't with him and he gave me flowers ! :D

okay okay, enough of my bullshit.
So, I finish work and took a cab home.
It was kind of weird......

Okay, imagine me, selling goreng pisang so of course,
I'm wearing ugly t-shirt and ugly pants to work
and after work, it's all oily and smelly and dirty with leftover crumps that
fly all over and stucked on your hair....

and there I am, looking like a Aunty, who just finished
work at a Kopitiam, clearing the plates and wiping the table,
with a bouquet of roses and waiting ALONE for the cab.

I know, ppl might think that .....
"oh dear, this girl is so pathetic to be alone in Valentine's Day and
comforting herself as such that she bought roses to herself.."

Oh my, maybe that's what I would think of people that's why
I have this idea that people would think of me that way.

So anyway, I took a cab instead of mrt and then bus-ed home.
Fast, efficient and not so embarrassing momentsssss.
Wonderful, clever me. :D

So, I got home, placed the flower on the table, take pictures
of it and blogged to show off. :D
hurhurhur ~

Okay, I like to show off.
Whatever ~

Then when he came back from work, I think it's my birthday already. :)
Already blogged about my birthday, so not gonna talk about it again. :D

Then about last year Valentine's, he wasn't with me AGAIN due to work.
You know, it kinda sucked to have such boyfriend.
It's just like I'm dating a army boyfriend which

What's worst is, his work cannot MC. :(
Cannot even *geng* oh dear !

So, nvm, I got the thinking of, if you found the right one,
everyday is Valentine's Day to comfort myself.
Yes, just to comfort myself. :(

Deep down, I curse and swear that on this freaking day, he's
not with me AGAIN and it's AGAIN.
I mean, how many Valentine's Day could we spent together?

Okay, so I rushed him back and he couldn't make it and he's sorry.
And I've also said that he ordered flowers and asked Shunde to deliver
to me.

I know it sounds kind of absurd that he's not the one delivering the flowers to me
and he's not sincere blah blah blah......
But well, I do feel his sincerity cause he was overseas. What more
could he have do?

The thought of sending flowers to me are already soooo damn sweet
& it might probably be the best gift to me from him ever.

But however, I actually forgot which exact bouquet of roses
he sent to me cause during 2010, he indeed bought alot of roses
to me.

For apologising(s), for birthday, etc etc.
So, you know, I kind of forget it.

Okay, or maybe I should say,
I'm a bitch and I took it for granted.
I will only think that the first time is sweet and important
and then when it repeats alot of time, I got used or maybe
immune to it,
& i always thought that there would still be a next time.

I'm a bitch until, he bought flowers and passed it to me in hand
when he was apologising, but I wasn't forgiving enough and then
I didn't really care and bother about the flowers that he had to threw it
on the floor which then later, I woke up and it was all too late.

Oh yea, I'm such a bitch and girls or rather women can be such a bitch.
But I was angry !

Okay, don't talk about the bad things, just maybe the happy things probably? :)

So, I'm such a bitch getting over that he wasn't here with me
on Valentine's Day and I didn't even sent him a simple, "Happy Valentine's Day" msg.
Okay, to me, my thinking was.....
Omg, send for what?
As in, how could he be when he's work?!
Unless he's with another girl in that bloody ship?
Or how can I be happy without him by my side on that very day AGAIN.

And so, I only msg to thanks for the flowers and totally forget to wish him.
& he took the initiative and msg me but still, I'm such a bitch and did
not wish him back until the very next day, he asked for it.

Okay, I'm such a bitch and I know that. :(
I do regret okay. But, what's the point.

Okay, fine. So as usual, he's still back for my birthday. :D
and then celebrated and go all for it. & you know, I totally just forgets about
the bloody damn lonely Valentine's Day when I had a boyfriend.

So one day, 14th March 2010. He suddenly asked me to make myself free on that day
& he wanted to bring me out. I got curious, and I'm so irritating and I kept
asking him why 14th March, what's so special, and what're we doing, where're we going, etc.

Well, I gotta prepared myself right, to dress appropriately and make up
appropriately. I don't wanna dress too flamboyant when we're
just going for a movie at Bishan? Or maybe dress too casual if we're going
to dine at some high class restaurant.

So, I pester him until he told me that he was bringing me to the Singapore Flyer.
Well, I hate that idea. I freaking hate that idea. I've told him
before that I WOULD NEVER EVER go to the Singapore Flyer with him.

Know why?
Cause it was my first time and not his.
He went to the Singapore Flyer with Ms C when they were together
& so, I got a little jealous and I didn't want to go.
Okay, I admit I didn't wanna go there because of my childish
stupid thinking that he went there with me but thinking
of the memories he and she had. :x

Just like me and Mr. D's first time to take the DHL Balloon ride,
if I were to ask him to go take the ride with me, he wouldn't want too.
Okay, he didn't want it cause I take it out as an example.

But too bad, the DHL balloon was not there anymore when they started the
flyer. He was soooo damn lucky. I'd have dragged him to take the DHL balloon ride and
let him feel how I felt.

Hahahahahahahahahhaha. Okay, anyway, we still went for the ride. He brainwashed me
until my heart melt and I got no other good reason to reject him.
Okay, that's what he's good at.

So, before we went in for the ride, there were actually people helping us to
take photos. It wasssss awkward.
Okay, I love to take photos, especially myself,
but I find it weird when people takes pictures of me.
I'm like.....
what am I supposed to do? Pose? Like how?
And the worst thing is, it always turns out ugly.

The ride was okay, but kinda boring, just high up in the sky,
seeing small lights, everywhere in singapore.
Oh dear.
But, we took quite alot of pictures in the cabinet, by ourselves.
and it was weird with strangers in the same cubicle looking at you
It kinda sucked but.... WE DON'T CARE !

Okay, maybe we care, but we act like we don't.
We just placed our digital cam at a corner and put it straight and self time mode
on and I ran back to the place he was and *ka-chak* snapped ! :D

Then at the end of the ride, you would get to choose the photos which they
took previously. You know, like the function they had in zoo or night safari?
Exactly the same.

They took quite a few photos and so we get to choose the nicest one and
the background. It was expensive so I only wanted to take one
but he takes two and said one for you and one for me.
Oh dearrrrr ~

You know what's the sweetest thing?
The sweetest thing is, at the end of the day, he actually asked me, "do you know why I chose this date?"
me : *shook my head* no. Why ah?
him : because 14th is exactly the date of Valentine's Day. I'm repaying you our Valentine's Day.

Omg, I paused and jam and I hugged him of course. He's..... such a sweet guy.
He actually knows that I'm not happy bout it and trying every way he can
to salvage it. :)

And now, I get the meaning, if you truly love someone, everyday can be a Valentine's Day. :D
Happy Valentine's Day to you people and hoped you enjoy this very day even if you're
not together with each other. And, remember.....
Send greetings before you ever regret like me. :)

p/s : you know, I think I need to choose/pick another flower to love
for other Valentine's Day for other people to send
(erhem, maybe if only there's people who wants to send me flowers? hahahaha.)
cause I want roses to be part of Weihao and me only. :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chinese New Year 2010...

OH YES , that was last year's chinese new year. :D

I'm going in to malaysia tomorrow and suddenly I remembers my stupidity last year
so therefore, I'm here to blog about it. :D
You all just laugh it off and gets over with it k.

Okay , before I went back in to malaysia, boyfriend love got no work.
So I went over to stay over at his place. Then we got plan to go JB to
eat and buy few discs. Not sure whether we did go in in the end or not.
But , I kept his passport inside my bag.

So , on the day when I'm going back to malaysia for reunion dinner,
we were over at his place and his mummy made some "kai wei cai".
I don't know how to explain but it's damn nice!
omg, i miss it now.
It's got abalone, cabbage, onion, lime, chilli padi.
I don't really liked to eat abalone but I tell you, her mummy asked
me to try and once I tried it, I'm just soooo in love with it.
It's one of weihao's favourite dish too! :D

And after chinese new year, we even bought "bao bei"
instead of abalone cause I don't really like to eat abalone and
we do the dish ourselves as and when we feel like eating it,
even after chinese new year. Oh god, see how much weihao spoilt me. :(

And you know, there's even once I tried to give him a surprise by
doing the dish myself at home and then when he's back from work,
I'm gonna surprise him. But you know, this stupid me,
I don't really remember all the ingredients that he put and somehow
or rather, it tastes weird.
I CALLED HIM in the end. :(
LOSER ! I know. :(

But he still appreciates what I'm doing for him and the both of us finish it off!
It's still nice okay ~ :p

Okay, enough of me drifting away. Now, back to the topic
of why I blogged today.

Okay , so he sent me back home after I tasted his mummy's yummy dish.

Okay , then this stupid me only realised it when I'm going in to malaysia.
Damn it.
I panicked. I msg him about it but he was asleep or busy at that moment and never reply me.
So this stupid me just bring his passport in to malaysia.
Okay ~ I thought he no need to go back work cause it's CHINESE NEW YEAR mah.
But then he needs to go back to work. :(

So , when I reached malaysia then he saw my msg. Then he called my mummy's
phone and SCOLD ME! He scold me stupid! :(
Okay , I was sad but then I have to admit that I'm really stupid!

He said that I should have put it somewhere in the corner of my house outside
de shoe cabinet then at least he still can come back and take.

& so , I panicked and told my mummy, Ah peng uncle and everybody about it
& asked for suggestions.

They is say go and meet him at JB checkpoint then pass to him.

I don't know he want scold me how many times but okay,
I know I'm at fault. T.T

He scolded me for telling everybody. I also don't know why he's that
angry for me telling everyone but I need suggestions mah.
I'm sooooo lost like a dog you know. :( :( :( :(

Okay , then we found a way out and I'm not gonna tell you all what's the way out. :p
That's for me to know and for you all to find out and anyway,
this blog is for me to come back and read next time, so if I ever forgets,
I'll think sooo hard about it. ;)

He's just so damn clever to think of that way and sometimes I wish I was half as clever as him. :(
Well , I'm not very stupid lah , but at times, I really is stupid only.
I'm like using my buttock to think instead of my brain. :(

Okay , so he went back to work ON CHINESE NEW YEAR. :(
After his reunion dinner I think. :(
Damn sad.

Okay , I was at malaysia so it's okay for me the first few days when he went back to work.
But when I'm back at singapore , he's at work also ! Tmd. Some more valentine's day was last year's "chu yi". :(

Okay , I know ~ If both people are in love with each other , everyday also valentine's day.
BUT THEN.... I just want to see him that very special day what. :(

Then, I went to my grandma's place on chu yi and keep bbm him asking
whether he's going to come back, if not, I'm gonna go work that day.
Okay , I'm still working at liquid 40 last year.

So , I think he don't want me to go work on valentine's day cause pub mah
then he scared I go flirt flirt around. -.-

But he's not here with me, I feel so empty if I never work. :(
But he bluff me. He said that he would TRY HIS BEST TO COME BACK.

But he didn't. :(

Okay , but he's sweet enough to order roses from Shunde and took
my grandma's address from me and then Shunde came and deliver to me.
Actually when he first asked for my grandma's address, I already knew it already. :D

Received the flowers, went back home and placed the flowers and talked to him on the phone for awhile. A little arguments here and there cause he's trying his best to be back and I keep forcing him, asking him to be fast.

& I'm going to work and he doesn't like that idea. So talk talk talk, argue argue awhile
& in the end I still win lah. So he coax me a little and I went to work in the end. ;x

Girlfriends came over to my workplace to support and accompany me. They're the best, really. :D

Then in the end, he went back to work and for the last few days
of his work, I work and then when I'm not working, I stayed at home,
be a good girl and chat on the phone with him when he's free. :D

& then he's back from his work already! :D
Yay-ness, happiness ! :D

We went over to Tampines to his father's side relatives to bai nian.
I still remember I went shopping with his sister only and gossip about him a little bit.
After that , he kept asking what we said about him.
But it's nothing much , really. D:

Then got one day is he meet his Bishan cliques at Bishan to "lao yu sheng" !
& that's how the above two pictures came from. :D

This year , we're going to "lao yu sheng" again baby. Let's see you there. :)

Okay , that's about all I remember for last year's chinese new year.
I'd blog about our last two years of valentine's day when I come back from malaysia
& maybe hopefully on valentine's day itself. :D

Wow , so much so for remember so many things. :D
I liked that feeling. I love february. I guess february is the most happening
month for us every year. Love you baby.

Will be back soon ~ Stay tuned. :)